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500 Pasta Dishes   
500 Pasta Dishes
Cookbooks & Recipes General
by Valentina Sforza
Of all the wonderful things that Italy has given the world, nothing is quite so special as a dish of perfectly prepared pasta. Italian cooking tends to involve the emotions, but nothing seems to provoke as much passion and fervour in a real Italian in the kitchen as his or her favourite pasta recipe. One of the many things that makes pasta so popular is its incredible versatility. It can be served in a soup, stuffed with a delicious filling, layered and baked, or tossed in a sauce. It can also be combined with fresh or cured meats, cheeses, vegetables, pulses, fish, and seafood. Even leftover pasta can be made into a tasty frittata. 500 Pasta Dishes delivers recipes that are creative rather than complicated, so the ingredients are easy to get hold of and the instructions are straightforward. The book contains both familiar recipes (some with a novel or speedy twist) and a selection of more unusual recipes that draw on international cuisine, contemporary palates, and the availability of many exciting ingredients in the supermarket. Experienced cooks will find new inspiration, and less confident cooks will discover that success can come with every meal.
288 pages, hardcover

Butter Ruler   
Butter Ruler
Measuring Volume
by Fox Run
An indispensable tool for those who use real butter in baking. No more guesstimating as to the amount of butter to use. Simply lay the butter ruler against the side of a pound of butter, and use the guides to cut the appropriate amount. Graduated in tablespoons; ounces (weight); and 1/8 and 1/3 cups.

Cake Strips - Standard - Velcro   
Cake Strips - Standard - Velcro
Bakeware Baking Aids
by Regency Wraps
Wrap these aluminized fabric cake strips around cake pans to bake cakes which are level and moist, without raised centres or cracked tops. Soak the baking strips in cold water and place around the edge of your cake pans before baking; velcro closures make it easy to secure the strip in place. The strips will cool the outer edges so that your cake bakes level.
Set of 2, each fits one 8" or 9" round cake pan
Size: Standard

Maple Syrup - 500 mL   
Maple Syrup - 500 mL
Gourmet Sauces & Syrups
by Turkey Hill Sugarbush
Pure maple syrup is delicious over pancakes and waffles or as a flavouring for cakes and cookies.
Canada No 1 Medium.
500 millilitre/16.9 fluid ounce plastic jug
Size: 500 mL

Non-Stick Baking Liner   
Non-Stick Baking Liner
Bakeware Cookie Sheets & Jelly Roll Pans
by Regency Wraps
SuperParchment reusable non-stick teflon pan liner; better than parchment paper! Reduces the need for greasing and flouring pans. Cookies, cakes, and brownies emerge easily from their pans.
Golda cuts SuperParchment to fit cookie sheets, cake pans, loaf pans, and springform pans. Pliable, flexible, wipes clean. Reusable hundreds of times.
Size: Fits a half size baker's sheet (13 18")

Rubber Spatula - 13.5   
Rubber Spatula - 13.5"
Tools Scooping, Scraping & Spooning
by Rubbermaid
Designed for commercial applications, this flexible rubber spatula is excellent for folding egg whites, mixing batters, and transferring cake batters into baking pans.
Size: 13"

Silicone Spatula - Nylon Handle - 13   
Silicone Spatula - Nylon Handle - 13"
Tools Scooping, Scraping & Spooning
by Rubbermaid
Designed for commercial applications, this high heat spatula is ideal for stir frys, woks, and non-stick pans. The flexible head stays attractive longer because it's stain-resistant, easy to clean, and resists heat up to 500F/260C. The notched blade helps to clean pan rims, and the spatula is more gentle on your cookware than metal or wood. The red, break-resistant handle stays cool and is comfortable to use, and a non-slip hook at the end of the handle keeps the spatula from sliding into the pan.
Size: 13"

Smoked Grilling Spices - 100 g   
Smoked Grilling Spices - 100 g
Gourmet Salt, Pepper, Spices & Seasonings
by Smoke Fine Foods
Rub this smoked blend of chili, cumin, garlic, salt, pepper, and spices on poultry, meat, or fish as a no fuss dry marinade. Mix with sour cream and mayonnaise as a surprise vegetable dip. Or, flavour home-made soups and sauces with these smoky grilling spices.
100 gram/3 ounce resealable pouch
Size: 100 g

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